2023 "All That Jazz" Wall Calendar

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Since its inception, Jazz has captivated the hearts and minds of many, with its origins stemming from the southern region of the United States yet reaching even further back to its heart in African musical traditions. A musical form that has been difficult to define yet easily recognized by its expression, Jazz has its roots in a compilation of sounds such as Blues, Ragtime, Big Band, Cuban, and Puerto Rican (Cubop).

This year’s 2023 All That Jazz calendar features the marvelous work of international artist and sculptor, Darlington Dike Ike (DD Ike). A graduate of one of Nigeria’s most prominent art schools, DD Ike’s work has been displayed in galleries around the world. Called a master of mixed media, DD Ike is renowned for utilizing a variety of techniques and mediums to create his intriguing jazz-themed pieces. With fluid lines and vibrant colors, DD Ike’s work offers a visual sensation of the musical expression of jazz.

  • 12" x 12"

  • 4 mini-view months of 2022

  • 12 full page months of 2023