Tell The Children The Truth - A Book About Racism for Kids

Tell The Children The Truth - A Book About Racism for Kids

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"Children as young as three years old are aware of race and skin color, and they aren't afraid to ask questions," says Caryn Park, a professor at Antioch University in Seattle, whose research focuses on children's understanding of race and ethnicity. "Their identities really matter to them, and racial identity is a significant part of their total identity. They also understand the power in talking about race and racism, and that when they bring those things up, they can get the attention of grown-ups and other children."

Contrarily to popular beliefs, the discussion about racism and discrimination needs to happen as soon as possible, if we want to raise our children to be kind, respectful, and antiracist.

What is the best way to stimulate a discussion, if not by telling a compelling tale? Nothing is more powerful than a story.

This book introduces the concepts of diversity, race, and discrimination in a carefully constructed way for each developmental stage of the children, from 0 to 12 years of age.

Every story is written for children at a different age, so that it may accompany you through the years in understanding and cherishing our differences.

This is a great tool for both parents and educators who want to teach children the beauty of ethnic diversity and the importance of fighting for what is right.

Embark on a journey with your children towards tolerance, respect, and understanding of our history and our struggles.