The Family Reunion Planner

The Family Reunion Planner

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by Donna Beasley

The reunion is a worldwide phenomenon celebrating life, treasured memories, enduring relationships, shared experiences, and the unique bonds that have held groups of people together. For families, the reunion is a living reflection of decades past and futures beckoning, an opportunity to revisit intimate history and the foundations upon which many lives have been built. Planning and hosting such an important event require superior organizing skills, dedicated attention to detail, and the ability to reinforce and reaffirm the ties that have shaped your family.

The Family Reunion Planner is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that explores all the facets of creating and hosting a successful family reunion, including:

  • Selecting the type of reunion, from simple picnics to more elaborate weekend gatherings
  • Organizing attendance and compiling guest lists
  • Locating relatives
  • Planning budgets
  • Creating menus and buying gifts
  • Selecting themes and activities
  • Communicating with the family throughout the year via postcards, flyers, and newsletters
  • Compiling a recorded history of the event using the written word, photographs, and videos
  • And much more

Indispensaable and one-of-a-kind, The Family Reunion Planner is the perfect resource for anyone—from the seasoned party planner to the first-time host—considering organizing a family reunion.