Color Changing Mug - Faith Quote

Color Changing Mug - Faith Quote

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Faith brings light to the darkest of times. Like a beautiful sunrise illuminates what was hidden at night, so faith illuminates our lives where things were dark or unclear. Bring home this testimony to the power of belief with this memorable mug. Simply add a hot beverage and watch the magnificent story unfold as you are reminded to embrace the unseen through faith.

Quote: Faith is to Believe in what you do not See. -St. Augustine


16 ounces capacity
High quality porcelain
Gift packaging
As hot liquid is added to the color changing mug, the simple illustration transforms into a colorful masterpiece. Watch as the story unfolds with color and inspiration.

Manufactured in compliance with California Proposition 65 and US FDA 7117.06 - .07

Hand wash and handle with care to extend life of mug. Dishwasher, microwave, and overheating will damage color changing ability.