"Out of My Soul"  Puzzle

"Out of My Soul" Puzzle

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Puzzles improve IQ. Puzzles increase dopamine. Puzzles are art that you make.  Puzzles decrease stress.  Chill...do a puzzle.

Out Of My Soul speaks to the struggle and beauty of bringing forth an idea (the birds) that is forged in the armory of thought! Wherever there is deep thought and creativity you will also find a brilliance that reaches the heart (mind) ...back to its origins.

Art by Noland Anderson

Pieces: 1000

Puzzle Size: 20x27 in
Box  Size: 10x8x2 in

NOTE:  Each puzzle comes with a black net that can hold your puzzle as you work on it or you can roll up the puzzle for safekeeping and frame it at a later date.

Made with 100% recyclable materials.